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Canary Wharf Property Investors Network (pin) Meeting

1st Thursday of the month

Expert property speakers. Meet friendly like-minded people. Opportunities to propel your property investing forward.

Whether you are just starting out or already some way along your path, come along as you’ll find fantastic expert speakers, like-minded people and opportunities that will propel you forward.

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Get On The Ladder Workshop (1 Day)

Designed to equip you with insights, knowledge and resources to start taking advantage of property investment opportunities as soon as possible.

The perfect workshop for you if you are new to investing, or if you have a portfolio of properties that you have purchased in the conventional way and are looking for something different.

During this masterfully crafted workshop you will learn:

How to use the many resources around you to secure property deals to profit from.

How you can make money from property in ways that you have not considered before.

How to start investing in property whilst also working a full time JOB.

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Property Mastermind Accelerator (3 Days)

Three immersive days being taught and mentored by the PIN founder Simon Zutshi.

The Mastermind Accelerator is an intensive workshop for investors seeking to aggressively build out their property portfolio over the next twelve months.

  • Spend three days with Simon Zutshi as he takes you into the “inner sanctum” of how he, and his renowned Mastermind group, are investing right now.
  • Cover the complete Mastermind investing framework – a comprehensive roadmap which effortlessly guides you to the optimal investing strategy for any deal scenario.
  • Get access to our confidential “27 motivated seller sources” – uncover leads from the unlikeliest of places.
  • Spend an entire day on how to find the most motivated of sellers, and how to systemise finding them.
  • “No money down” investing taken to the next level. Never let starting capital hold you back.
  • Advanced lead monetisation – keep the best leads for yourself. Then package up, sell and profit from the rest. Entire side-businesses can be made from selling leads you have already generated.
  • PIN coaches on-hand throughout the workshop to tailor the best investing approach to your personal circumstances.

Property Mastermind Programme (12 Months)

You can achieve more in just one year than most property investors achieve in a decade, with the Property Mastermind Programme!

First launched in April 2007 the Property Mastermind Programme has become the UK’s leading community of ethical property investors, making money through property, whilst helping people to solve their property related problems.

It is a comprehensive 12-month programme, designed to help you become a professional property investor with the initial goal of you accumulating an extra £1,000,000 of property and gaining a £50,000 income.

​This is not to be confused with some get rich quick scheme. You will need to invest some time and effort to achieve this goal and following our tried, tested and proven step by step strategies, it is very possible for you to achieve, and even smash this goal as many investors just like you have already done

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